Update and bugfix - 10.04.2014

2014-04-10 13:09:39.715022 Greetings pilots,

Today's update will include really a lot of bugfixes and improvements on the game. All thanks to you!
Please continue using the Capture and Report form, the Feedback or the forum, our team is checking all of it.
  • Missions tracker number will be set according to the screen resolution (minimum 1 and maximum 5 trackers on the screen).

  • Increased maximum required level for the Taurus galaxy to 56.

  • Fixed bug allowing invisible players in PvP modes.

  • Fixed bug with selecting player ships in Stealth.

  • Changed locations of Defense Turrets in some PvP galaxies to protect players near stations.

  • Fixed visual bug with side menu position on browser window resize.

  • Fixed visual bug with side menu trembling.

  • Fixed visual bug with side menu animation and using a shortcut button.

  • Fixed missing text for Vorax instance description in Xyla galaxy.

  • Fixed missing text for Stalker Delta in Xenia galaxy.

  • Fixed visual bug with 100% experience gain without reaching next level.

  • Fixed bug with Daily missions display while player is online.

  • Fixed visual bugs with Mission tracker animation while scrolling, hovering or entering space station.

  • Fixed visual bug with overlapping windows in Skills menu.

  • Fixed bug with empty party invitation when it expires.

  • Fixed visual bug with Guilds menu opening when having any pending invitations.

  • Fixed functionality of the shortcut button Q which opens mission trackers.

  • Removed fading effect while the Quick Chat is active.

  • Changed maximum numbers of party invitations to depend on the free party members positions left.

  • Changed number of maximum incoming party invitations to 4.

  • Updated design of some of the elements on the main interface such as Target windows.

  • Updated design of the Achievements notification.

  • Updated design of the Ship menu to fit properly all ship stats.

  • Universe Map and Extraction Point menus will now show proper player nicknames.

  • Capture and Report button will now be affected by browser window resize.

  • Limited error notifications when AutoMiner is being used with full cargo.

  • The title and description of the daily mission will be now updated properly when mission is complete.

  • The quick report form now cannot be used if text fields are empty.

  • The image of the attached screenshot in the quick report form will work as select / deselect as well.

  • Description text field in the quick report form will now contain large texts on several rows.

  • Cargo capacity will be shown in Sell Resources menu in the space station.

  • A proper error is shown when player tries to create ammo with full inventory.

  • Aliens will no longer spawn in rocks in Procyon Alpha.

  • Improved Critical Strike logic for higher levels.

  • Improved objective of the first mission for gambling to become easier.

  • Improved objective of the mission to deal damage using Impact Armor skill to become easier.

  • Party invitations from ignored players will be no longer available.

  • Expect more improvements and cool features coming out soon, especially the anticipated new PvP mode!

    Have fun,
    Andromeda 5 Team

    Update and bugfix - 31.03.2014

    2014-03-31 15:01:55.143703 Dear pilots,

    Our team is excited to reveal to you the major highlights of the latest update!

    We're going to introduce you the revamp of the Quest system, combined with a huge improvement of the user interface.
  • Quests will be separated into one detailed quest window for each, which contains the description, objectives, additional information about objectives, option to show full quest tracker and option to set course to the point of interest.

  • More than 80 new types of objectives have been added for much more interesting gameplay.

  • Option to skip a quest (except daily missions) for currency. Becomes cheaper for higher player level than the quest level and free for 6+ levels difference.

  • The target area window which appears nearby Space Stations, Hyperjumps, Checkpoints or Extraction points will now appear as more user-friendly button over the object.

  • The main menu interface will be now located to the right side of the screen and will appear on hover.

  • The whole ship stats and party members interface is also improved and will no longer overlap other menus on smaller screen resolution.

  • Also, there will be galaxy access restrictions according to player's level (for PvP galaxies) and Galaxy Access level (for PvE galaxies).
  • Galaxy access level and player level requirements are shown in the Universe Map menu.

  • Stay tuned for new major updates coming out soon:
  • New exciting PvP mode (Domination), improved matchmaking and bigger rewards!

  • Ships customization feature allowing you to build up your own unique ship!

  • Good luck and fly safe,
    Andromeda 5 Team