New Weapons, Skills & Rankings

2015-02-24 09:54:26.841149 Dear Space Heroes,

Our next update will take place on 2015-02-24 (Tuesday) between 09:45 CET - 10:15 CET and will reveal many important new features.

This is the short list:
  • New Weapons Tier 5.

  • Exclusive Skills for Council members.

  • Rankings by Honor.

  • Extraction points' Guards reduced power.

  • Extraction points new reset hour.

  • Improved Skills in almost all trees.

  • And many other misc improvements.

  • The full article is available in the forum at:

    Fly safe!

    Andromeda 5 Team

    War changes - 22.01.2015

    2015-01-21 15:01:38.00079 Dear pilots,

    The next update of Andromeda5 will take place on 2015-01-22 (Thursday) between 09:45 CET - 10:15 CET and will be focused at improving the bonuses of the losing faction in the Great War and finding a better balance during the War itself.

    This is the short list of features and changes:
  • Improved post-war Faction Boosters.

  • New Score Bonuses in the Weekly Challenge.

  • Improved alien drop in the Super Galaxies.

  • Increased Score rewards and requirements in the Weekly Challenge.

  • Increased requirements to operate with Extraction points.

  • Several important misc improvements and bugfixes.

  • Full information can be found and discussed in our forum at this link:

    Brace yourself, a new War is coming!

    Andromeda 5 Team