War changes - 22.01.2015

2015-01-21 15:01:38.00079 Dear pilots,

The next update of Andromeda5 will take place on 2015-01-22 (Thursday) between 09:45 CET - 10:15 CET and will be focused at improving the bonuses of the losing faction in the Great War and finding a better balance during the War itself.

This is the short list of features and changes:
  • Improved post-war Faction Boosters.

  • New Score Bonuses in the Weekly Challenge.

  • Improved alien drop in the Super Galaxies.

  • Increased Score rewards and requirements in the Weekly Challenge.

  • Increased requirements to operate with Extraction points.

  • Several important misc improvements and bugfixes.

  • Full information can be found and discussed in our forum at this link:

    Brace yourself, a new War is coming!

    Andromeda 5 Team

    Factions at War and our biggest update to date

    2014-12-16 09:54:57.405092 Greetings, pilots!

    The biggest update of Andromeda5 is now live. It includes the greatest PvP challenge among them all - the Factions War - and the Nova drop is back!

    Every week players of both factions will elect their leaders and compete against each other for the control of a Super Galaxy!
    The Super Galaxies represent 5 new maps available as rewards to the whole faction each week. Aliens there provide you with increased EXP gain, special resource drop and better items loot.
    Detailed info on the feature can be found in the forum at: [Weekly Challenge]

    Next in line are the changes on the Extraction points which will be focused entirely on PvP.
    Detailed info on EPs can be found in the forum at: [Extraction point changes]

    No more large buttons to enter the base and enemies that can hide under them! The new Action buttons will fit perfectly in any play style.
    Of course, you can find more information and screenshots here: [New Action Buttons]

    The Universe Map is also improved and all maps can be found into one place. Moreover, in its info window you can see when an EP will be available for an attack.
    Changes are described here: [New Universe Map]

    The Critical Strike will no longer hide important information on your screen. Instead, it will boost the power of your other skills up to 4 times. Moreover, skills Force Wave, Remedy, Shield Fortress and Mist Shroud have reduced cooldowns.
    All you need is shown in this topic: [New Critical Strike and skills changes]

    Last, but not least, there are many smaller features and improvements which will make gameplay easier and better in new version.
    That includes an increased Nova and Equilibrium drop, reduced prices in Engineer and a temporary promotion on Boosters in the Nova Shop!

    Hurry up and check it with your own ship!

    Andromeda 5 Team