Instances Difficulty and bugfix

2014-07-21 14:35:23.658175 Greetings, pilots!

Have you tried to defeat all the enemies in our instances already?
Well, prepare yourself for a challenge, because now they come in Hard and Insane modes too! This update includes:
  • All instances now have Normal, Hard and Insane difficulty.

  • Hard and Insane modes include stronger enemies and bigger rewards from drop.

  • Fixed bug with Merchant when selling stackable items.

  • Fixed bug with missing rewards from the Guild Transformer.

  • Fixed exploit for equipping weapons in unallowed slots.

  • Fixed exploit for equipping items in locked slots.

  • Profile's Appearance: Clicking on Custom Avatar will ask you to confirm before redirecting to the site.

  • We'd love to see your feedback on this!

    Have fun,
    Andromeda 5 Team

    Profile, Items, Minions and other changes

    2014-07-08 13:32:31.658116 Dear pilots,

    We're happy to present you Andromeda5's latest update:
  • New menu in Profile, called Appearance: It contains new avatars selection, nickname and faction change!

  • Rerolling item bonuses in the Merchant will bound the item to the account (cannot be loaded in Guild's Vault).

  • Improved target window where you can now see your target's target.

  • Alien Minions will be now destroyed when the Alien dies.

  • Damage of the Alien Minions will be reduced by half.

  • Keep sharing your feedback with us!

    Good luck and have fun,
    Andromeda 5 Team