New Council Voting, Messaging system and more

2015-04-24 10:25:59.001258 Pilots,

It's time to introduce to you an improved system for Council voting in the Faction Wars and our first steps into a nice Messaging system. Here are the most important points:
  • Players will now win or purchase a new currency, called War Commendations, in order to vote in the Weekly Challenge.

  • Council members will now be able to vote Veto on using Faction Boosters.

  • Added minimum requirements for level and activity to become a Council member.

  • Added a new Messaging system where you will receive our Announcements and replies directly in the game.

  • Added confirmation windows when using options in the Nova Shop.

  • Full patch notes are available in our forum at:

    Fly safe,
    Andromeda 5 Team

    Improved War, Party, Items, Missions & more

    2015-03-18 10:15:14.485087 Dear Pilots,

    The next update will be focused on Faction Wars balance, Extraction points improvements and many cool ideas proposed by all of our players in the past month. These are the most important changes:
  • Faction Wars: Fused Equilibrium will generate almost 50% less Score on Weekly Challenge's Day 5 while Extraction points will generate 100% more Score on Day 6.

  • Faction Wars: Daily Score bonus has been reduced by half.

  • Faction Wars: Changing faction will cost more on higher levels and it will not be available in Faction War's end.

  • Extraction points: Guards will be stronger on PvP Galaxies for level 56.

  • Extraction points: Added a 5 seconds cooldown between each purchase of an upgrade or a guard.

  • Extraction points: Defending the EP will provide additional Contribution points.

  • Missions: Daily Missions will reward with additional Ultralibrium and 100% more Experience.

  • Items: Sell price will increase according to item's quality.

  • Full patch notes in details can be found in our forum at:

    Waiting for your feedback and new ideas!

    Andromeda 5 Team