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About Andromeda 5

  • Explore the beauty of 20 magnificent galaxies, where you could fight anyone from harmless freelancers, traders and space droids to the deadliest pirates, assassins and battlecruisers!
  • Choose between 15 different ships, upgrade them and shoose the skin that you like the most. Configure your ship to make it a real space killer.
  • Complete over 200 different missions and collect great rewards.Team up with other players to complete the hardest ones or just to manage to clean your way through the deadliest aliens.
  • Train and improve your pilot with over 30 skills and talents, divided in 4 sections.
  • Crush your opponents in the free for all battles or be a part of a great fleet in the team games!

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PC and Mac

The iPad

News & Updates

Factions at War and our biggest update to date

2014-12-16 09:55:22.238044 Greetings, pilots!

The biggest update of Andromeda5 is now live. It includes the greatest PvP challenge among them all - the Factions War - and the Nova drop is back!

Every week players of both factions will elect their leaders and co... Read More

Sending Gifts to friends

2014-09-10 15:26:34.230028 Dear pilots,

We're happy to inform you about the latest feature in the game - Sending Gifts:
You'll be now able to purchase and send gifts to players in your Friendlist (above level 10).
Gifts could be Cash, Ammo, Power-Up... Read More